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Country Resources




Market Overview

Market Overview

Business in Bangladesh - Overview

Thomson Reuters – Practical law

- Legal system, Employment laws
- Industry-specific analysis – Foreign Direct Investment
- Business Vehicles
- Competition, IP, Data protection laws

Bangladesh Country Commercial Guide

International Trade Administration

- Market overview
- Market challenges
- Market Entry Strategy
- Leading sectors for investments

Tax and Tariffs

Tax and Tariffs

Bangladesh Import Tariffs

Privacy Shield Framework

- Tariff rates
- Most favored nations (MFN) tariff rates

Bangladesh Country Commercial Guide

Australian Government

- Tariff and Non-tariff barriers
- Product certification, labeling, and packaging
- Documentary Requirements

Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory

Guide to Law online - Bangladesh

Library of Congress Law

- Constitution
- Executive orders
- Judicial bodies
- Legislative documents
- Legal Guides

Setup Business in Bangladesh

The Lawyers and Jurists

- Limited companies
- Foreign Investments
- Labor Regulations

Doing Business

Doing Business

Ease of doing business in Bangladesh

Trading Economics

- Bangladesh’s ranking among 190 countries
- Quantitative analysis
- Competitiveness and Corruption index
- Resource availability (Internet, electricity etc.)

Bangladesh – Doing Business 2020

World Bank group

- Starting a business
- Getting credit
- Paying taxes
- Employing workers

Finance and Incentives

Finance and Incentives

Bangladesh Bank - Facilities / Incentives

Bangladesh Bank

- Starting a business
- Getting credit
- Paying taxes
- Employing workers

Incentives Package - Bangladesh

Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)

- Incentives for Developers
- Incentives for Unit Investors

Bangladesh: Facilities and Tax Incentives for Foreign Investors


- General Incentives
- Additional incentives for EPZ facilities
- Foreign Investment Protection Act

Incentive Policy Hub - Bangladesh


- Policy review
- Policy measures
- International investment agreements

Investing in Bangladesh: Incentives

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)

- Fiscal Incentives
- Period and Rate of Exemption
- Business Support Services



Cancham Bangladesh


Providing support to organizations dedicated to the development of international trade and investment in Canada, Bangladesh and other countries.

Business Directory of Bangladesh – Importers, Exporters, Traders


- Categories of Businesses
- Directory of businesses overseas (Founded by Bangladeshis)

BD Venture Limited – We invest in your growth

BD Venture Limited

- Portfolio of companies
- How we work
- Get investment

Bangladesh Angels – Elevating Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Angels

- Criteria for investment
- Offers for Investors
- Process of becoming an investor

Bangladesh Business Chamber of Canada (BBCC)


Bangladesh Business Chamber of Canada (BBCC) has merged to boost the atmosphere for Bangladeshi entrepreneur wish to invest in Canadian market or Canadian corporations wish to contribute to emerging Bangladeshi market

Local Businesses and Services - Bangladesh

Bangladesh Yellow Pages

- Search Businesses
- Categories of buisnesses

Bangladesh Angels Network

Bangladesh Angels

- Join the Network
- Apply to Pitch

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)


- Business research
- Business news

Learning Resouce

Learning Resource

Bangladesh – culture, tradition, art, famous people and architecture

- Folklore, language, literature
- National holidays, famous people
- Religion and wedding customs

Bangladesh - Guide to Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Comisceo Global Consulting Limited

- Culture and society
- Customs and etiquettes
- Meeting and greeting

Culture - Bangladesh

Countries and their cultures

- History and ethnic relations
- Urbanism, architecture, and the use of space
- Food and economy

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