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Country Resources




Market Overview


Business in Bangladesh - Overview

Thomson Reuters – Practical law

- Legal system, Employment laws
- Industry-specific analysis – Foreign Direct Investment
- Business Vehicles
- Competition, IP, Data protection laws

Bangladesh Country Commercial Guide

International Trade Administration

- Market overview
- Market challenges
- Market Entry Strategy
- Leading sectors for investments

Tax and Tariffs


Bangladesh Import Tariffs

Privacy Shield Framework

- Tariff rates
- Most favored nations (MFN) tariff rates

Bangladesh Country Commercial Guide

Australian Government

- Tariff and Non-tariff barriers
- Product certification, labeling, and packaging
- Documentary Requirements


Legal and Regulatory

Guide to Law online - Bangladesh

Library of Congress Law

- Constitution
- Executive orders
- Judicial bodies
- Legislative documents
- Legal Guides

Setup Business in Bangladesh

The Lawyers and Jurists

- Limited companies
- Foreign Investments
- Labor Regulations


Doing Business

Ease of doing business in Bangladesh

Trading Economics

- Bangladesh’s ranking among 190 countries
- Quantitative analysis
- Competitiveness and Corruption index
- Resource availability (Internet, electricity etc.)

Bangladesh – Doing Business 2020

World Bank group

- Starting a business
- Getting credit
- Paying taxes
- Employing workers


Finance and Incentives

Bangladesh Bank - Facilities / Incentives

Bangladesh Bank

- Starting a business
- Getting credit
- Paying taxes
- Employing workers

Incentives Package - Bangladesh

Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)

- Incentives for Developers
- Incentives for Unit Investors

Bangladesh: Facilities and Tax Incentives for Foreign Investors


- General Incentives
- Additional incentives for EPZ facilities
- Foreign Investment Protection Act

Incentive Policy Hub - Bangladesh


- Policy review
- Policy measures
- International investment agreements

Investing in Bangladesh: Incentives

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)

- Fiscal Incentives
- Period and Rate of Exemption
- Business Support Services



Business Directory of Bangladesh – Importers, Exporters, Traders


- Categories of Businesses
- Directory of businesses overseas (Founded by Bangladeshis)

BD Venture Limited – We invest in your growth

BD Venture Limited

- Portfolio of companies
- How we work
- Get investment

Bangladesh Angels – Elevating Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Angels

- Criteria for investment
- Offers for Investors
- Process of becoming an investor

Local Businesses and Services - Bangladesh

Bangladesh Yellow Pages

- Search Businesses
- Categories of buisnesses

Bangladesh Angels Network

Bangladesh Angels

- Join the Network
- Apply to Pitch

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)


- Business research
- Business news


Learning Resource

Bangladesh – culture, tradition, art, famous people and architecture


- Folklore, language, literature
- National holidays, famous people
- Religion and wedding customs

Bangladesh - Guide to Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Comisceo Global Consulting Limited

- Culture and society
- Customs and etiquettes
- Meeting and greeting

Culture - Bangladesh

Countries and their cultures

- History and ethnic relations
- Urbanism, architecture, and the use of space
- Food and economy