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Country Resources






Market Overview

European Union Overview

Government of Canada

- Canada European Union Commercial Relationship
- Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
- Trade commissioner services in the EU


Tax and Tariffs

Corporate Tax Rates

Trade Economics

EU countries and their tax rates are put together in a single repository


Legal and Regulatory

Canada-EU trade agreement benefits for SMEs

Government of Canada

- Benefits for SMEs
- Tools and resources for SMEs
- How can Canada help you succeed?


Doing Business

Doing Business in the EU

European Commission

- Setting up a business in the EU
- Employing people
- Competition rules


Finance and Incentives

Investment Incentives

European Commission

- Objectives of the EU investment policy
- Investment Facilitation
- Screening framework for foreign direct investment



European Union Trade Policy

European Commission

- Statistics on EU-World trade
- Opening to foreign markets
- Policies and updates

European Union Business Culture

Passport to trade

- Business culture reports on each country in the EU
- Geography, Population, Climate, Education and Cultural aspects


Learning Resources

Internal Market, Industries, SME and Entrepreneurship

European Commission

- Enterprise Europe network
- Your Europe business
- Intellectual property rights helpdesks