Country Resources




Market Overview

International Business Guide - Germany


- Communication and Conversation style
- Hierarchy and Decision making
- In-country activities


Tax and Tariffs

International Tax - Germany Highlights 2020


- Corporate Taxation
- Compliance for Corporations


Legal and Regulatory

Germany - Foreign Investment


- What to consider if you invest in Germany
- Protection of Foreign Investment
- Procedures relative to foreign investment


Doing Business

Starting a business in Germany

How to Germany

- Type of Corporations
- How to hire workers
- Taxes and Premiums

Starting a business in Germany II


- Economy and Investment environment
- Labor relations and social security
- Exporting to Germany – Import restrictions


Finance and Incentives

Corporate Tax Credits and Incentives


- Foreign Tax credit
- Other incentives



Government of Canada offices in Germany

Government of Canada

- Find a government of Canada office in Germany
- Travel advisories
- How to get started in Germany

Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

So German!

- Important organizations and their contacts
- Upcoming event registrations
- Announcements and blog


Learning Resources

German Canadian Business Association Resources


- Upcoming Event Schedules
- Membership instructions and key member contacts

Doing Business in Germany

Today Translations

- Why invest in Germany
- Greetings and arts of conversations
- Business meetings and meals