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Country Resources



Market Overview

Market Overview


Stephen E. Weiss, Ph.D

Country Briefing for Business

Doing Business In India

UK India Business Council

An overview of business culture, exporting, legal and regulatory requirements

Tax and Tariffs

Tax and Tariffs

India Corporate Tax Rates

Trade Economics

Corporate tax rates presented in a timeline. Breakdown of all the taxes that apply to a business in India. Options to compare tax rates with other countries

Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory

India’s Legal and Regulatory Framework

UK India Business Council

- Exit strategy and dispute settlement in India
- Employment laws
- Anti-trust regulations in India

Doing Business

Doing Business

International Business Guides - India


- Descriptions on social and cultural values
- Working cultures and practices
- Business etiquettes and economy

Finance and Incentives

Finance and Incentives

Foreign Investment


- FDI equity inflows comparison with other Asian countries
- Protection of Foreign Investment
- Procedures relative to foreign investment



Grow your Footprint in India

Government of Canada
Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)

Explore India markets and make international contacts

Investment Opportunities

Invest India

- Investment sectors in India with quantitative analysis
- Helpful information on all 36 states of India
- Numbers to quantify growth/decline in state economy

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC)


Provide members with a forum for networking, sharing ideas, information, and experiences to promote mutual business success.

Learning Resource

Learning Resources

Country Profile - India

Global Affairs - Canada

Cultural and behavioral analysis of India. Covers communication, conversation styles, and In-country activities

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