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Market Overview

Market Overview

Nigeria Foreign Direct Investment


- Nigeria’s Foreign direct investment numbers
- 2008-2019 quarterly comparison


Stephen E. Weiss, Ph.D

Country Briefing for Business

Tax and Tariffs

Tax and Tariffs

Nigeria - Corporate Tax Rates

Trade Economics

Corporate tax rates compared with previous years (2008-2020)

Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory

Nigeria - Key Laws and Regulatory Agencies


Principal statutes that Foreign Investment in Nigeria

Doing Business

Doing Business

Doing Business 2020 - Nigeria

World Bank Group

- Starting a business
- Registering property
- Resolving Insolvency

Finance and Incentives

Finance and Incentives

Investment Incentives

Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission

- General Tax based Incentives
- Tariff based incentives
- Sector-specific incentives



The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business

The Chamber is an independent, not-for-profit organization with strong working links with both Canadian and African businesses and governments.

The Nigerian-Canadian Business Association

Promote or participate in events such as seminars, workshops, and conferences for the exchange of information and ideas and for networking opportunities

Learning Resource

Learning Resources

Country Profile - Nigeria

Global Affairs - Canada

- Communication and Conversation style
- Hierarchy and Decision making
- In-country activities

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