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Canada Ranks Third in the Startup Ecosystem Worldwide

StartupBlink, a Swiss-based startup, ranked over 954 cities and 125 countries all across the globe on their startup ecosystem strength. This ranking system has been based on thousands of data points gathered from multiple sources, such as incubators, accelerators, government agencies, startup organizations, etc.

Canada ranks third on this list based on its startup ecosystem, with a score of 16.847. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are in the top 30 cities, while Victoria, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton form a part of the top 100 cities. Meanwhile, the US ranks a resounding number one with 19 cities in the top 50 cities list showcasing its strong startup ecosystem. The total score comprises of a quantity, quality and business score, wherein Canada secures the highest business score globally.

These rankings are beneficial to entrepreneurs and SMEs to determine if a particular city or country has the resources needed to support their goals or how easy is it for them to do business there. Government agencies can also utilize this data to create economic development programs and startup initiatives to improve their city’s startup ecosystem and attract startup talent. Read the complete report over here:

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