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Canadian Business: “Why are Canadian Companies so afraid to go Global?”

According to a recent study by Aimia Inc., 80% of mid-sized Canadian companies feel their businesses are “not well-suited” to international expansion. Yet it might be time for those businesses to take a note from their peers who decided to go global—90% of companies who made the move have said that it was a success.

The study surveyed 348 Canadian business owners, C-suite executives and senior managers, at companies headquartered in Canada with 50 or more employees. Participants were sorted into three categories: not considering global expansion, considering, and already global.

The study found that, when it came to businesses thinking about taking the plunge internationally, 46% felt they didn’t have the insights needed to identify markets for expansion, 63% said they didn’t know the steps required, and 24% didn’t even know where to start.

Read the full article by Sarah Niedoba at Canadian Business:

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