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Canadian Innovators to Compete in China

The Sci Innovation Competition 2019 has announced the ten Canadian winners of this year’s competition that took place this past weekend on March 23th at the Toronto City Hall. Organized by the Sci Innovation Centre and supported by the City of Toronto. The scores of the competition’s 23 expert judges were tallied, and the winners selected from five industry categories including information technology, biology and life science, electronics, advanced manufacturing, and materials & energy. The Centre’s Managing Director, Douglas Kennedy, participated on the judging panel.

The Top 10 winners were awarded cash prizes of up to $20,000 and now qualify for the global ‘Industrial Finals’ to be held in Shenzen, China from April 9-12, 2019. Competing with teams from nine different countries, almost half the teams selected by the global judging panel for this final competition are from the Canadian finalists. They are now eligible for the $200,000 top prize in each of the five industry categories listed above.

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