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Canadian Solar-Powered Transport Aircraft Sold in Africa

Solar Ships of Brantford, Ontario has announced it has sold two of its ‘Caracal’ and two of its ‘Wolverine’ model aircraft to Manaf Freighters of Burundi for cargo delivery and disaster relief in central Africa.

Solar Ships aircraft, a combination of blimp, all-wing aircraft and bush plane was developed to deliver critical or heavy cargos to small, unprepared landing areas that are too tight for a bush plane and where a helicopter would be too expensive. Uniquely these aerial vehicles use a mix of energy – solar power, batteries and small gasoline-fueled bush plane engines. Their low operating costs and ability to land and ascend from remote, unprepared and restricted spaces suit them for missions to areas with limited or no transport infrastructure such as the Canadian North or parts of Africa.

More information about Solar Ships is available at

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