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Case Study: Red Canoe and the “Nostalgia for Iconic North American Brands”

In the competitive industry of fashion, countless new brands are created each month, but only a handful survive the season – and even fewer manage to build a lasting relationship with consumers and achieve long-term profitability.

Two significant challenges in the industry are the cost and effort required to establish a unique brand image, then to defend it against replicas or fakes that can destroy hard-won brand equity. In the apparel industry, consumers are increasingly seeking quality, value and authenticity. But how does a new company achieve these without a massive retail presence and marketing budget?

Dax Wilkinson, founder, president and creative director of Toronto-based National Heritage Brands Inc., has developed a unique strategy to build consumer interest and protect the company’s products from copycats. Operating under the Red Canoe label, the apparel and accessories company designs and manufactures products that incorporate well-known Canadian and international companies’ logos and trademarks, under licensing agreements with their owners.

Read the full case study article written by Melanie Chang Fung on The Globe and Mail website:

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