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Choosing a Foreign Representative – Questions to Ask

You have a great product that is exceeding your most optimistic sales expectations. Your company is on a roll and is gaining the attention of suppliers, distributors and potential customers. Yet your domestic success is not been replicated elsewhere. Sales are lethargic, customers don’t seem to be enthusiastic and operational problems from logistics to customs clearance to customer service are sources of never-ending problems.

On many occasions these problems are the result of the people and organizations you have chosen to represent you and your company in that market. Selecting and engaging the right people in a targeted foreign market is more important and certainly more difficult than in your domestic market. At home you at least are working in a shared business culture, you understand where the support resources are and have access to personal and business support networks. Usually none of this is true abroad and in addition, you or your close colleagues at head office do not have the time or resources to base yourselves abroad to address these challenges.

BDC has come out with a quick guide on the first questions you need to ask a prospective representative. While focusing on sales representatives, the topics covered apply equally to any individual or organization you may find yourself dealing with – suppliers, distributors, customer service agents, or managers for an overseas branch or office. These are some of the most important selections and decisions you will have to make to scale your business to international relevance. Invest the time and due diligence to select the right team that will carry you there.

Check out the full article from BDC here –

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