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Deloitte Canada: “The Future Belongs to the Bold”

As Canada approaches the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of confederation, our country must be bold to overcome a turbulent economic landscape and ensure its future prosperity.Are we up to the task? Over the past year, Deloitte surveyed 1,200 Canadian business leaders to evaluate the state of courage in our businesses. This marks that first time that courage in business has been measured, and its impact quantified.Our findings reveal that only one in 10 Canadian companies is truly courageous. While these results are sobering, we also uncovered a link between courageousness and business performance. With courage comes growth, and if Canadian business leaders take action, we know that Canada has the potential to reach new heights.

Read the full report by Deloitte Canada here: id=ca:2sm:3tw:awa_courage:courage_en&id=ca:2sm:3tw:4courage:5eng:6oth:20160927002700:&linkId=29220872 

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