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EDC Webinar: How to Manage Risk in International Business

EDC’s panel of risk-identification and mitigation experts will discuss the potential economic, political and social hazards of doing business outside of Canada, and how companies like yours can get ahead of the risks. You’ll learn:

·         How to assess country risk when entering a new market

·         How to identify and get ahead of risks in your supply chain

·         What you need to know to manage your foreign exchange risks

·         How to prepare against cyber risks

·         Tips on creating a risk management plan

EDC’s panel of experts will include:

·         Jared Burns, VP, FX Risk Management, EncoreFX Inc.

·         Andrea Gardella, Senior Economist, EDC

·         Audrey Ross, Logistics & Customs Specialist, Orchard Private Labelling

·         Daniel Tobok, CEO, Cytelligence

Register here – 

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