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Go Global without Going Broke – Exhibit A

Many of our readers will consider themselves paid-up members of the innovation economy and in short order, their company will be a global force to be reckoned with. Problem is, just now, neither they nor their colleagues have a week to spare or thousands of dollars to take the overseas business development trips to realize those international ambitions. After all, checking out another market, identifying sources of support both in Canada and abroad, networking with peers who have been there and done that or identifying potential future customers all take a lot of time, effort and money.

Or do they?

For the right kind of company, much of what could be achieved in an initial business development trip can be had for as little as six dollars. For the price of two TTC fares you could represent your company at the Japan-Canada Innovation Partnership Forum. Hosted by Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) it will take place in downtown Toronto on the afternoon of May 10th.

Your correspondent attended a similar JETRO event last year and came away very impressed by the diversity and seniority of the speakers and participants. For an SME, it would be impossible to arrange face-to-face time with these individuals and the organizations they represent without weeks of advance effort.

If you consider your company is part of the innovation economy, regardless of industry, you really ought to check out the opportunities and keep current with what is taking place in one of the largest, most sophisticated markets for technology on this planet. It might be the best six dollar investment your company ever made.

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