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How Brexit may affect Canadian businesses’ dealing with Ireland

Paul Dickson figures that Britain’s plan to leave the European Union might eventually affect his Irish-themed shop in scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, but not yet.

“To be honest, what we have seen is positive because of the falling [British] pound,” says Mr. Dickson, whose Irish Design store and website buys 85 per cent of its goods from Ireland and Britain.

“But on the negative side, there’s added uncertainty. … We’re probably just like everybody else, we’re going to sit back and wait and see.”

The politics of Brexit continue to play out, as the British government navigates through the details of making a break and senior European Union officials suggest it won’t be as clean and simple as the Brexit advocates suggested before the vote.

To view the full article by David Israelson, visit the the Globe and Mail site here.

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