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Lessons in How to Scale Up an SME from Appnovation Technologies

Appnovation Technologies, an IT services firm based in Vancouver, has doubled its sales in each of the last three years and has tripled its workforce to 62 over the same period. Founder Arnold Leung recently shared how he accomplished this in an interview with BDC. Key contributing factors included:

1) Considering the world, not just Canada or North America, as the company’s market;

2) Developing overseas markets early in Appnovation Technologies’ evolution;

3) Proper research and planning, including adapting the company’s offerings to suit the target market, detailed research and planning as to the optimal method, likely investment and considering any potential risks and/or bottlenecks and how they can be overcome; and

4) Making an effort to understand the business culture the company is dealing with and adapting local operations accordingly.

As Arnold Leung points out, going global “It is a big investment, and the payoff won’t happen overnight, but there’s huge potential.”

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