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NAFTA Negotiations – Are we on the right path?

Trump’s commentary today describing Canada as a spoilt trade partner and a difficult negotiator are signs that Canadian diplomats are making good progress in the NAFTA trade talks. That Canada is not wavering in its stand during these past few weeks — a period during which Trump scrapped the Iran deal, patched up with China on trade, and is close to derailing negotiations between the two Koreas — is a good sign for Canadian businesses and workers. Trump’s frustration is a testimony to that.

Reading between the lines, I am tempted to predict that the US would ultimately bite the bullet and accept Canada’s and Mexico’s conditions at the table. And of course, President Trump will go ballast on Twitter exclaiming how he was the first American President to get the best deal for America’s auto workers.

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This article was written by Yogendra Kalavalapalli, Student Associate at the Centre for Global Enterprise. 

Image sourced via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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