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Ontario Business in the US: Who’s Doing What Where

A recently-released interactive map, developed by Deanna Horton, fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs, in collaboration with the Government of Ontario, is an excellent visualization of Ontario’s economic footprint across each US state.One takeaway from the data is the sizeable number and range of Ontario-based companies who are currently conducting business in the United States.Of the 11,545 total recorded locations, the highest representation of Ontario-based companies in a single US state is in California (1,165 locations), followed closely by New York (1,155 locations). Seven of the top 10 states listed share a border with Ontario (or very close proximity to), with California (#1), Texas (#3) and Florida (#4) being the only outliers.The map can serve as a valuable resource for Canadian SME owners and executives who are interested in penetrating the US market. Users could leverage the database to identify and connect with a company who has established a foothold in their target state, with intentions of seeking advice on local market conditions, entry strategies and so on. As well, users can also uncover potential competitors as the map provides the ability to filter by economic sector and state.

Lawmakers, government officials and other public authorities can also gain insights into which sectors may be most impacted by changes to state laws, upcoming US midterm elections, or a potential NAFTA renegotiation.

Check out the interactive map via the link below:

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