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Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program (OICP)

Program Overview

Ontario small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in partnership with Israeli SMEs, will develop innovative industry-oriented technologies strengthening both Ontario’s and Israel’s technological expertise while enhancing global competitiveness.

For each successful application, an Ontario SME may receive up to CAD $300,000 from OCE to fund the Ontario portion of the project. The collaborating SME from Israel will receive a similar level of funding separately from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). SMEs are required to provide at least 1:1 matching funds for the funding awarded. Ontario applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate with researchers from publicly-funded post-secondary institutions in Ontario.

OCE anticipates that up to three projects will be funded through the 2018 Call for Proposals.

Program Objectives

  1. To create partnerships through bilateral collaboration leading to the development and commercialization of innovative industry-oriented technologies, that will strengthen both Ontario’s and Israel’s technological expertise while enhancing competitiveness in the global market.

  2. To enhance industry cooperation, improve competitiveness and further technological and business collaboration between Ontario and Israel.

  3. To develop new products, advance processes, or facilitate productivity improvements towards market readiness stage.

Priority Areas

The 2018 Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program (OICP) Call for Proposals will accept applications focusing on one of the following themes:

  1. Agri-Food

  2. Advanced Manufacturing (including Robotics)

To read about the program in detail, please click here.

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