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OWIT Trade Mission to Mexico Attended by CGE Executive Director

A team of 11 Canadian business women representing multiple industries recently participated in a trade mission to Monterrey, Mexico spearheaded by the Toronto Chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT-Toronto).

This mission not only provided opportunities for women business owners and professionals to grow their international business network, but also enabled participants to demonstrate the accomplishments and contributions of Canadian women in international trade.

“This trade mission stands out for the perfect mix of group activities and one-on-one meetings. OWIT and the Canadian Consulate in Monterrey did a fantastic job,” said Lorna Wright, Executive Director, Centre for Global Enterprise at the Schulich School of Business. “All the members of the mission derived something concrete from the time spent and I would say were all well pleased.”

This trade mission further unlocked export potential for Canadian companies in the Mexican market in this special year when the two countries celebrate 75 years of bilateral relations.

“We were able to showcase what Canada is doing to increase female participation in manufacturing through the excellent presentation done by Rhonda on the CME program #WECanDoIt,” notes Alma Farias. “It also inspired local amazing women entrepreneurs who now are planning a potential Mexican women trade mission to Toronto next year,” adds Farias.

Activities included individual business-to-business meetings held with potential customers, suppliers and business partners. Delegates also participated in conferences and meetings with local industry leaders, government and educational organizations, tours of various research and development facilities, and a visit to the Expo Manufactura trade show.

The trade mission was the first initiative after an MOU was signed by the OWIT-Toronto and OWIT-Monterrey chapters in March 2017.

Photo credit OWIT-Toronto.

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