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Owning the AI Century

Succinct article from Canadian Business on how we can build sustainable leadership in Artificial Intelligence and its related businesses. Two of the four recommendations underline the importance of the international dimension:

1) Active involvement in creating international standards and operating protocols for AI-enabled equipment and services. Establishing rules and protocols for Canada that are at odds with what is being promoted by the U.S. or China or the EU is self-defeating;

2) Canadian companies active in AI must think globally from their gestation. They need to be aware of what is going on in the rest of world, incorporate the best people and practices where possible, then make a real effort to scale up to become the acknowledged leader in that business or niche. As with a lot of tech-rich businesses, AI will provide many companies with first-mover advantages. Aspiring to be the leader in the Canadian market won’t have a lot of long-term value if five women in a warehouse in Warsaw are close to having their similar solution accepted as the industry standard across the EU and Russia.

Check out the full article from Canadian Business via the following link –

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