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RBC–Schulich Enterprise Forum IV hosted by the Centre for Global Enterprise

On November 21 the RBC-Schulich Enterprise Forum IV was held at the Schuich School of Business in Toronto. Organized by the Centre for Global Enterprise, this year’s theme was Success Without Borders: Smart Strategies for Taking on the World.

The forum was designed to provide SME owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to navigate the SME-support ecosystem and network with organizations that can assist them in engaging with international markets.

Attracting representatives of approximately 50 different companies and organizations, three major topics were also addressed:

The U.S. Isn’t the Only Market Anymore presented by Karima-Catherine Goundiam, Managing Director of Red Dot Digital Inc.

Karima-Catherine shared her knowledge of how best to overcome the scale-up challenge facing many of Canada’s SMEs. Identifying the correct market and understanding how local cultures shape business operations in that market are key considerations for SMEs looking to expand internationally. Another cost-effective way to maximize business and brand development for Canadian SMEs is through social and digital media, as this space allows companies an opportunity to connect with key contacts in overseas markets that they may not otherwise have the capacity to. Don’t be Afraid of Giants; How Canadian Companies Can Win Over Giant Companies presented by Ali Fard, CEO of HEXA

Ali shared his first-hand experiences of taking on major tech giants and coming out on top. He did so by leveraging an SMEs’ often over-looked comparative advantage versus a larger organization – it’s size. By being nimble and acting faster and more decisively than a larger company can, Ali and his team were able to position his organization in a unique place in his industry’s value chain. Bad Boyfriend Syndrome – Why Some Canadian Companies Fail Abroad presented by Peter Hawkins, Managing Director of MELLOHAWK Logistics

Peter reminded participants that following-up on business or networking opportunities is absolutely essential to grow your business and that Canadian companies generally have a poor reputation for doing so (vis-à-vis our international counterparts). This often results in Canadian businesses missing out on international opportunities – a trend that must be reversed if Canada hopes to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

For further information about the RBC-Schulich Enterprise Forum series or any of the foregoing, please contact the Centre for Global Enterprise at

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