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StartUp Here Toronto: Women Entrepreneurship Fund Deadline is November 15

he Government of Canada announced its Women Entrepreneurship Strategy recently, and one component is the Women Entrepreneurship Fund.

Through the Women Entrepreneurship Fund, the Government is making funding available directly to women entrepreneurs. The objective is to provide support to women to grow their businesses and facilitate their pursuit of opportunities in markets abroad. The Fund is a $20 million investment providing up to $100,000 in non-repayable contribution funding for 12 months.

The Women Entrepreneurship Fund will fund women-owned and women-led businesses to invest in activities that focus on:

  1. Supporting pursuit of market opportunities abroad (e.g. international marketing strategy, supply chain integration, promotions, business advisory services, online presence/website development)

  2. Supporting Scale-up, Expansion and Growth (e.g. product/service development and improvement, inventory management, value stream mapping, upgrades to plant and equipment, process and technology improvements

  3. Additional activities that support the objectives of the Women Entrepreneurship Fund

More information can be found at

The Government of Canada invites eligible businesses to submit their innovative proposals for funding under the Women Entrepreneurship Fund. The application deadline is November 15, 2018.

More information on the overall Women Entrepreneurship Strategy  can be found at:

This article was originally published on StartUp Here Toronto’s website here –

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