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The Centre for Global Enterprise re-launches its website & digital media platform!

The Centre for Global Enterprise is pleased to announce the re-launching of its website! The ‘Business Resources’ and ‘Learning Resources’ sections provide curated access to information, resources, programs and connections Canadian businesses and aspiring Canadian international business leaders need to succeed in the global arena.

In addition to content generated by the Centre for Global Enterprise and the Schulich School of Business, these collections currently feature links to over 600 resources from close to 200 different governments, agencies, NGOs, multilateral organizations and private businesses. The CGE Toolbox is rounded out by a ‘Calendar of Events’ listing webinars, trade shows, workshops and networking events for Canadian SMEs seeking to scale up internationally.

Complementing the CGE Toolbox is ‘Trending at CGE’, a regularly-updated series of announcements, news, analysis and thought leadership on topical issues in trade, international business, global trends, innovation and technology written or summarized by the Centre for Global Enterprise team or academic and student associates at the Schulich School of Business. Finally, the CGE website provides access to the Centre’s other digital media feeds on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As the Centre for Global Enterprise continues to expand the number and range of resources offered on the CGE website, we intend to provide the essential open-source search engine for Canadian entrepreneurs and companies with international ambitions or anyone with an interest in international business, innovation and entrepreneurism.

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