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The Importance of Business Cards

You might think business cards are obsolete in today’s technological era. Think again! Despite of increased digitization and major advancements in technology, business cards continue to be relevant and indispensable in today’s world. This can be credited to several reasons, some of which include factors such as, reliability and professionalism.

First, it is instrumental to carry a business card at any networking event and other professional meeting, as it is a great way to endorse your personal brand. Not only do business cards communicate imperative details, such as your email address and phone-number, but they also enable others to get acquainted with your personal brand. Moreover, they also help increase your professional engagement by implying that you are ready and confident to put your name out there.

Business cards are not just relevant on an individual-level, but also convey important information on the overall image of the organization that you represent, by providing a useful and memorable perception of your company’s products and services. Remember, networking can happen anywhere. You can meet key contacts during parties, on trips, or other social events. This further corroborates the importance of carrying business cards everywhere to help establish the legitimacy of your business.

Another reason that underscores the importance of business cards is the reliability they entail. Unlike technology that are hostage to a battery life, business cars work round-the-clock and are instantly available for you whenever required.

In addition to reliability and professionalism, business cards have a strong universal appeal and are considered an essential part of other cultures in the world, specifically parts of East Asia, such as Japan (where business cards are termed Meishi) as well as Korea, China and Singapore, where they are commonly exchanged during meetings. Regardless of where you travel on business, the standard business card is a crucial element in the exchange of professional details and for creating the right impression with new colleagues, partners and providers.

All in all, having a business card is essential for business professionals at every level of an organization. It is not just an excellent way to feel “official” but is also a highly effective way to capture the true essence of your personal brand.

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