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Upcoming Event – JETRO: Generating Innovation with Japan: Toronto 2018

Major Japanese firms, from manufacturing to finance to services in a whole variety of sectors, are increasingly looking to identify new innovation from Canadian start-ups in order to improve their business practices and to introduce new ideas and technology into the Japanese market and to their network of global clients.

For Canadian start-ups, the Japanese market (GDP: US$4.9 trillion; Pop.: 120 million) can be daunting but potentially hugely rewarding. One of the best ways to enter that market is through partnering with Japanese firms.

This JETRO / OneEleven event will provide a unique opportunity for start-ups in the GTA and major Japanese firms to connect and share information. Through reverse-pitch presentations, Japanese firms will explain about their technology needs and, during the networking session, start-ups can explain about their technology solutions.

Through this event, JETRO and OneEleven aims to generate new innovation through partnerships between leading Japanese firms and innovative Canadian start-ups.

This event is free of charge but pre-registration is mandatory. Register here –

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