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Country Resources



Market Overview

Market Overview

Market Profile: Singapore


Key information regarding the business environment and helpful information for doing business in Singapore.


Stephen E. Weiss, Ph.D

Country Briefing for Business

Canadian Trade and Investment Activity: Canada–Singapore

Parliament of Canada

- Canada's Merchandise Trade with Singapore numbers
- Insights on Canadian exports/exporters
- Trade balance by product category
- Canada's service trade with Singapore

Tax and Tariffs

Tax and Tariffs

Corporate Tax in Singapore

Corporate Services

- Partial Tax exemption scheme for companies
- Tax Incentives & Tax treaties with other economies
- Details on Tax return filing

What Makes Singapore a Tax Haven?


- Tax rates in Singapore citing Singapore government agency website.
- Qualifications for startup-tax-exemption in Singapore.
- Other Tax breaks and Oversight

Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory

Singapore's Foreign Investment Regime

Pinsent Masons

- Investment Regimes
- Licensing controls
- Sectors of Investment

Doing Business

Doing Business

Guide to Doing Business in Singapore


A reference guide for entering & doing business in Singapore.

International Business Guides - Singapore


- Communication and Conversation style
- Hierarchy and Decision making
- In-country activities

Finance and Incentives

Finance and Incentives

Doing Business in Singapore

Grant Thorton

This guide discusses the benefits of taking a business to Singapore as well as insights into the key ideas of investing.



Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (CanCham)


Opportunity to use CanCham as a platform for your business by gaining exposure through CanCham events, networking opportunities.

For SMEs

Singapore SME

Premier business directory listing site for local business owners and SMEs to showcase their products and services, and for foreign businesses to find the partners and contacts they want in Singapore.

Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTAs)

Government of Canada

CTAs empower high-growth tech companies that have a market-ready technology or product in three main sectors of activity:
- cleantech
- digital industries and information and communications technologies (ICT)
- life sciences and digital health

Learning Resource

Learning Resources

Country Profile - Singapore

Global Affairs - Canada

- Communication and Conversation style
- Hierarchy and Decision making
- In-country activities

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