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Market Overview

Market Overview

Sweden – Innovation overview

Business Sweden

- Sweden’s focus on Innovation
- Focus areas: Smart transport, Life sciences, Smart cities, New materials, etc
- Sweden’s national network of partners and offices to support innovation

Sweden – Market Overview

Government of Canada

- How to export to Sweden
- Why Sweden matters

Sweden Market Overview by

Export Gov

- Market Challenges and Opportunities
- Market Entry Strategies
- Customs, regulations, and standards.

Sweden – Country Commercial Guide

International Trade Administration

- Leading sectors for exports and investments
- Political and Economic Environment
- Investment Climate Statement

Tax and Tariffs

Tax and Tariffs

Export Markets – Sweden – Tariffs and regulations

Australian Government

- Tariffs and non-tariff barriers
- Special Certificates
- Method of quoting and Payment

Duties and taxes calculator of Sweden


- Calculate the duties and taxes payable by selecting the country of origin, type of goods and amount in exports

Sweden import Tariffs by Country

World Integrated Trade Solution

- Sweden’s import partner share based on countries

Corporate taxes in Sweden

Business Sweden

- Corporate income tax
- Controlled foreign company rules

Sweden tax overview


- Taxes on Corporate income
- Taxes on Individual income
- Deductions and tax credits

Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory

Foreign investment law in Sweden

ILP Abogados

- Foreign investment law
- Registration with authorities, permits
- Transfer of dividends abroad

Business law in Sweden


- Sources of the law and legal similarities
- Check laws online

The Essential corporate law in Sweden


- Forming a Limited company
- Buying an off-shelf company
- Shareholders and Shareholders’ meetings

Sweden: Legal Environment


- Legal frameworks of business
- Intellectual Property law
- International dispute resolution law

Doing Business

Doing Business

Doing Business in Sweden – the sky is the limit

Embassy of Sweden

- What is involved in imports exports controls in Sweden
- Which rules apply for work permits
- Where can I find workers with the right skills
- What is required to start a company

Doing Successful Business in Sweden


- What type of presence is necessary for operations?
- What operational matters needs to be considered
- How to compensate your employees

Doing Business in Sweden

Wolters Kluwer

- Ease of doing business
- Innovation hub and open economy
- High individual tax rates, complex labor regulations

Doing Business in Sweden

Government of Canada

- Doing business in the EU
- Sweden market overview
- Funding programs for doing international business

Doing Business in Sweden - Overview

Thomson Reuters Practice Law

- Intellectual Property
- E-commerce, Data protection
- Foreign Agreements

Doing Business in Sweden

World Bank Group

- Dealing with construction permits
- Trading across borders
- Employing workers, paying taxes

Finances and Incentives

Finances and Incentives

Business Loans in Sweden


- Common business loan requirements
- Funding sources and other requirements

Funding your small business in Sweden

Small Business Sense

- Available funding options in Sweden
- Taking an open-minded approach

Why does Sweden have so many startups

The Atlantic

- How a tiny country with high government spending bred a large number of vibrant young businesses

Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in Sweden


- FDI numbers YoY
- What to consider if you are investing in Sweden
- Sweden’s bilateral agreements

Funding your startup in Sweden

Startup Funding Book

- Public funding sources
- Business angel groups
- Incubators, accelerators, crowdfunding and other funding sources

Financing your start


- What are the areas that you need money for
- Source of funds



Mission and vision – Making trade happen

Make Trade

- Sweden on the Go
- Reports and News

Business Network in Sweden

Stockholm chamber of commerce

- Business Networks
- Events and publications

Professional Networking Groups in Sweden


- Stockholm entrepreneur’s meetup
- Stockholm business network professionals
- African professionals network Sweden

Sweden startup resources

Triple Crown Leadership

- General Resources
- Co-working spaces
- Competitions and challenges

Learning Resources

Leaning Resources

Swedish Business Culture

Cultural Atlas

- Business culture
- Do’s and don’ts, dates of significance
- Etiquette and communication

How to start a business in Sweden

Sweden Sverige

- Do your search on different regulatory authorities
- Get your networking going
- Get permissions
- Register your business
- Make a business plan and hire staff

A guide to Sweden’s etiquettes, customs, clothing and more


- Key world rankings
- Customs and etiquettes
- Meetings and management advice

Innovation in Sweden

Sweden Sverige

- Education and research
- Key players and infrastructure
- Useful Links

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