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United Arab Emirates



Market Overview

United Arab Emirates

Stephen E. Weiss, Ph.D

Country Briefing for Business


Tax and Tariffs

UAE Corporate Tax Rates

Trade Economics

The tax rates in UAE has been 0 percent for the last 10 years


Legal and Regulatory

Doing Business in the UAE

Pinsent Masons

- The source of law within the UAE
- The separation of power
- The significance of Islamic Shari'ah

Doing Business in the UAE - a Tax and Legal Guide


- Establishing a business in the UAE
- Additional Considerations
- Key Tax Indicators


Doing Business

International Business Guides - UAE


- Communication and Conversation style
- Hierarchy and Decision making
- In-country activities


Finance and Incentives

UAE - Foreign Investment


- FDI inflows by country and industry
- Protection of Foreign Investment



Canada UAE Business Council

Canada-UAE Business Council

- News and events
- Membership
- Resources


Learning Resources

Doing Business in the UAE - 11 Etiquette tips


- Culture, language and practices