Country Resources




Market Overview


Stephen E. Weiss, Ph.D

Country Briefing for Business


Tax and Tariffs

Corporate tax rates 2020


Corporate tax rates of countries in 2020 projected in a way that allows scopes of comparison


Legal and Regulatory

USA Foreign Direct Policy Regimes 2020


- Foreign Investment Policy
- Law and Application
- Jurisdiction and Procedure


Doing Business

International Business Guides - USA


- Business practice and etiquettes
- Investment and trade
- Labour and Business


Finance and Incentives

Why Invest in the USA

Select USA

- World's largest market
- Forefront of Innovation
- Workforce talent
- Access to capital



Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTAs)

Government of Canada

CTAs empower high-growth tech companies that have a market-ready technology or product in three main sectors of activity:
- cleantech
- digital industries and information and communications technologies (ICT)
- life sciences and digital health

The Really Big List of Small Business Associations

Small Business Trends

List and links to Small Business Association web pages


Learning Resources

Country Profile - USA

Global Affairs - Canada

- Communication and Conversation style
- Hierarchy and Decision making
- In-country activities